We were founded with the intention of providing clothing that was good for the planet & that intention will never change. Sustainability is an absolute non-negotiable for us.


We ensure that all of our products are manufactured using organic and/or recycled materials wherever possible & have been sourced both ethically and sustainably with the certifications to prove it (see below!). 


Earth Positive

It is not often a business and their supplier have so much in common in terms of their goals. We are lucky to be in that rare position and it has lead to amazing results!


Earth Positive's factory is in India (see below how we try to offset this distance!) and is completely climate-neutral, powered only by solar and wind power, which has led to them becoming apart of the carbon trust. On top of this, they use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified materials, amongst other standards, which guarantees sustainable sourcing.


Additionally, they are a member of the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION, which guarantees the fair treatment of all of their employees including payment of the living wage and never using child labour.


Find out more information at: 

All of our current products are PETA approved vegan.


We have made sure to select and support only a local supplier for our embroidery services. She is Berkshire-based and we have been able to build a great relationship with her.


We use eco-friendly, madeira branded embroidery thread and a weblon backing. Our neck labels and embroidered frog patches are sewn on using UK sourced GOTS certified organic thread.

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