Our Story

cuidar clothing is a UK based sustainable clothing label, who believe in doing our best to have a positive impact on all aspects of our lives. We are inspired by minimalist, high-quality, sustainable casual wear and our aim is to build a transparent brand that you can love and rely on.


The fast-fashion industry is the second most polluting industry globally. This is a fact that is often unknown by many people, who are then unintentionally further adding to it. I myself was relatively unaware about the situation until I learned about it during my time in Barcelona. The education had an impact on me that changed the way I have viewed consumption ever since and I wanted to start wearing clothes that matched this view. I have always believed less is more in terms of fashion, and I struggled to find organic and sustainable clothes for both men and women that did not have large quotes, logos or images on. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to put my degree and life experience to good use and be able to start having the positive impact I had thought of having for nearly a year. It was then I pitched the potential idea to my wonderful sisters and brother-in-law and we decided to take the leap, as a team. 

The word "cuidar" is a Spanish word meaning 'to care for', 'to look after', or 'to protect'. It was chosen because of its alignment with our 3 core values: taking care of ourselves, taking care of each other and taking care of the world around us. As such, we not only provide the highest quality clothing, using sustainable processes and materials but also 15% of all of our proceeds are donated to charities/social causes.

With our first design, we have provided the choice of 3 charities to choose from for your donations. However, in future, we plan to have specific designs/lines for specific charities. If you have any charities ideas that you think deserve to be donated to by our brand, please feel free to email us at cuidar.clothing@gmail.com. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Together, we can make a change. 

Mark @ The cuidar team x